Thank You From Kinship Community Food Center

Happy Thanksgiving!

From your family at Kinship Community Food Center!

Thanks to everyone at Family of Four Parishes, we were able to provide more than 400 families with delicious ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal to share with their loved ones this holiday!

As our Executive Director, Vincent Noth, shared in a TMJ4 interview on Saturday, “Maybe we’re at different Thanksgiving tables, but we’re really part of all one big table. Right? And it’s in that sense of our belonging that we sort of re-discover what it means to be a community.”

We couldn’t have done this without you!

It takes a whole community to come together to make sure everyone has a meal to gather around for Thanksgiving.

Throughout this Holiday season, we have the opportunity to use food as an entry point to share our stories and become nourished in both body and soul.

We thank you for providing that opportunity of kinship to our neighbors today and throughout the year.

A huge shout out to our 85 volunteers who braved the cold weather to set up boxes, offer breakfast, carry bags of fresh produce, and fill cars for our community members.

Also, a thanks to our donors and special partners, Maglio CompaniesTower Chicken Farm, and Peter Sciortino Bakery for making this possible!

From all of us here at the Kinship Community Food Center, THANK YOU!