Serve In Our Parish

Liturgical Ministry

The Church calls forth people with special gifts and talents to serve the parish community.  These include Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality, Acolytes/Servers, Cantors and Choir Members.  These ministers are asked to serve our community as scheduled, approximately 1-2 times/ month.  A formation day is offered once a year as a way to help you deepen your commitment to your ministry and to keep you informed regarding your particular ministry.  Contact Mary Robertson, Director of Music and Liturgy, at 414-271-6577 or  Read more…

Catholic East Elementary

Do you love reading with young children or perhaps working math problems with a young scholar? If you said yes and have time during the day or early afternoon, your Catholic school would love to hear from you! We are exploring the possibility of connecting parishioners with school children in an effort to provide more one-on-one school support, but perhaps more importantly, fostering strong community between our parishes and school. If you’d like to consider this opportunity, please contact Sarah Parlier at 414-964-1770 ex.317 or


Pastoral Care Outreach

Ministry of Care

A Minister of Care has the opportunity to visit parishioners who are homebound or living in healthcare facilities and are unable to attend Mass due to complications with their health.  This important ministry allows our parishioners to remain a vital part of our community.  It is a humbling service and a significant way to share Christ’s healing presence.  Contact Terri Balash, Director of Pastoral Care, at 414-469-6173 or

Advent and Lent Outreach

During sacred times of the Church year, we offer short-term outreach to parishioners.  Here is how you can get involved. Holiday Plant Delivery is held on the second Saturday in December.  We deliver beautiful poinsettia plants to our parishioners who are homebound or living in a health care facility. We always need extra volunteers for this event, because we visit 200+ parishioners who are unable to leave their homes for health reasons. Ash Wednesday/Holy Week is another time we make a special visit to our parishioners who are homebound. On Ash Wednesday we bring blessed ashes, the Eucharist, and a Lenten bag lunch.  On the Tuesday or Wednesday of Holy Week we revisit the same parishioners who are homebound.  This simple act of charity means so much to our older adults, who need our friendship.  Contact Terri Balash, Director of Pastoral Care, at 414-469-6173 or

Funeral Ministry of Hospitality

Funeral Ministers of Hospitality assist with funerals before, during, and after the liturgy. They offer support to the family and warmly welcome their guests. They distribute and collect worships aids, assist people to their seats, and answer any questions that occur.  Most important, Funeral Ministers of Hospitality help to create a welcoming environment that encourages the congregation to become involved in the liturgy. This is a vital ministry, as all who enter our church doors should experience our warm hospitality.  Contact Terri Balash, Director of Pastoral Care, at 414-469-6173 or

Meal Ministry

The Meal Ministry will offer support to families who are going through difficult times by making and delivering meals. It is a source of practical help, but also a concrete message that they are not alone and that our community cares about them. This is a new ministry that is evolving. Contact Terri Balash, Director of Pastoral Care, at 414-469-6173 or

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl group typically meets one Thursday each month from 4:30-6:00 pm in the Three Holy Women Parish Office (1716 N Humboldt Ave). When these prayer shawls are completed, they are blessed and given to our Director of Pastoral Care, Terri, to share with those who are in need of prayer and support from our community.  This ministry has a great spirit! These gifted individuals share their faith with the sick, lonely and heavy hearted, and remind them of God’s love.  Prayer shawl gift bags are always available to anyone in our parish. If you or someone you know needs a prayer shawl or you have a question, please contact Terri Balash, Director of Pastoral Care, at 414-469-6173 or


Adult Faith Formation


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process that guides individuals who are interested in being full members of the Catholic Church.  RCIA invites those who have never been baptized, those who may have been baptized in another Christian tradition, and those who were baptized Catholic but have not received the sacraments of first Holy Communion or Confirmation.  Beginning each fall, this group seeks to learn about the Catholic faith, to be formed within the faith community and to live out that faith within the Church and within their lives.  Contact Chad Griesel, Director of Adult Faith Formation, at 414-271-6180 or

FOCCUS Ministry

FOCCUS is an internationally used inventory for couples preparing for marriage. It is not a test, but is rather a tool to help couples learn more about themselves and the manner in which they relate to their partner. FOCCUS and other similar inventories can be very useful for diagnosing areas of both strength and weakness in couple communication.  Within our parishes, married couples serve as facilitators for this process that our engaged couples complete as part of their marriage preparation.  Contact Chad Griesel, Director of Adult Faith Formation, at 414-271-6180 or