Reopening: Mass Registration and Guidelines

Please review the Mass guidelines on this page Before Registering.

Weekend Masses are Saturday at 4:30 pm at Holy Rosary and Sunday at 8:30 and 10:30 am at St. Hedwig. Registration for weekend Masses opens at 9:00 am on the Monday prior and closes 1 hour before Mass (or before if seats are full). We ask that Monday and Tuesday registration continue to be reserved for parishioners of the parish at which the Mass will be celebrated. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we invite members of any of our four parishes to register for the remaining seats. If a registration button does not appear below, please refresh your page or go to To register for a Mass at another parish, please go to that parish’s website or see the Mass Times page.

Mass Guidelines

Online Sign Up

In order to ensure compliance with the Archdiocese’s directive that requires social distancing in relation to church capacity, online sign up through the parish website is required to attend an in person Mass. To register, please go to the website of the parish at which the Mass will be celebrated.

Online registration will be available on the Monday prior to the Mass being celebrated. We ask that Monday and Tuesday registration continue to be reserved for parishioners of the parish at which the Mass will be celebrated. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we invite members of any of our four parishes to register for the remaining seats.

The YouTube Mass will continue indefinitely.

Before Coming to Mass

Please be sure everyone in your household thoroughly washes their hands for at least 20 seconds before leaving your home. Also, please have everyone use the bathroom before leaving home so that we minimize foot traffic during Mass.

Bring a mask for every member of your household and a bottle of hand sanitizer. We plan to have both masks and hand sanitizer available in the church as long as we can secure supplies moving forward.

Please dress for the weather as there may be a line outside of the church prior to entry.

When You Arrive at Church

We ask you to wear a face mask during Mass. Please put your mask on as you exit your car.

Entry into the church will be limited to the main doors of the church along with handicapped entrances where applicable. At Holy Rosary Church, entry will be limited to the parking lot doors only.

Doors will open 30 minutes before Mass.

Entrance doors will be propped open whenever possible to limit contact with door handles.

If we reach our capacity limit as per archdiocesan guidelines, we will close the doors and no one else will be admitted.

Procedure for Entry and Seating

Ushers will not make physical contact when greeting parishioners.

Households/families who wish to sit together must all enter the church at the same time.

Parishioners will be directed where to sit by an usher.

Social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet between people not living in the same household must be followed. No more than two households per pew.

Every other pew will be used for seating. Intervening pews will be cordoned off.

Seating will begin front to back, in the center two sections of pews and will continue outward to the remaining sections.

Vigil lights will not be available for lighting.

During Mass

Priests, deacon, and sacristan will process from sacristy and recess from sanctuary directly to sacristy.

There is to be no presentation of gifts.

Receptacles will be available to collect your donations as you enter and exit Mass, and will be secured by members of the parish staff.

No physical contact during the Sign of Peace is allowed.

Distribution of Holy Communion

Clergy, with the assistance of the sacristan, will distribute Holy Communion wearing masks.

Hand sanitizer is to be used before the distribution of Communion. If inadvertent contact is made, the priest or deacon is to stop and sanitize his hands before continuing to distribute Communion.

Parishioners are encouraged to use hand sanitizer immediately prior to receiving Holy Communion.

Communion is to be received only in the hand in accord with the directives of Archbishop Listecki.

Per the Archbishop, Communion may not be received on the tongue during Mass. Reception on the tongue may be sought after Mass with one of the priests so that the priest can sanitize hands between each communicant.

Consistent with the Archbishop’s directives, the Precious Blood will not be offered at this time.

Communion will be distributed to one section of pews at a time.

The priest, deacon or sacristan will come to your pew and will distribute from the pew in front of you.

Replace your mask after receiving Communion.

Communion for the sick will not be available during Mass at this time per Archdiocesan guidelines.

At the End of Mass

Everyone must remain in their pew at the conclusion of the closing song.

The assembly will be directed to exit section by section and row by row, as is common at a wedding or funeral.

When directed, you must leave your pew and exit the building.

Bulletins will not be distributed until we enter phase 3 of the Catholic Comeback Plan as determined by the Archbishop.

The outer church doors will be closed and locked once all have left the building so that all surfaces and restrooms may be cleaned and sanitized in preparation for the next Mass.

Clergy will not be able to greet parishioners before or after Mass.

If any clergy tests positive for Covid-19, the Archbishop has mandated that parishes close public Masses for at least 14 days.

Fr. John Baumgardner shares his reflections on the Mass in this video from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Updated August 27, 2020

“Celebrate each Mass as if it is your first Mass. Celebrate each Mass as if it were your last Mass. Celebrate each Mass as if it were your only Mass.” (a sacristy in Avila, Spain)

Dear Friends,

Our beloved associate Fr. John quoted this saying a few weeks back about how a priest should approach presiding at the Eucharist. It is good advice not only for a priest, but for all of us who have the unbelievable gift of praying together at Mass.

Because of the pandemic, we have had to adjust how we gather, and are so grateful we have had the YouTube Masses. Thanks to all who have coordinated these efforts. This way of gathering will continue indefinitely into the future.

In his wisdom, the Archbishop has led us in a phased return to in-person Masses at our parish churches. We are at a new stage as he reminds us once again of our obligation to attend Sunday Mass.

Our new schedule for the Family of Four Parishes is below this letter. We have increased the opportunities for attending Mass in person knowing that we must still be prudent in first of all asking ourselves if we should we return, and secondly what do we all need to do to ensure the health and safety of all who gather, knowing the continuing unfolding of a virus that causes such sickness.

As to the first question, we need to pray and reflect if we should be attending a public gathering, especially if we are in a high risk group for the virus. Church teaching encourages us to use prudence, and we fulfill our obligation even if we are not able to go to Mass in person. Either through the YouTube Mass or other Masses, and time spent each Sunday in quiet prayer, our Lord understands if our decision is made in good conscience.

As to the second question, we will continue with our current protocol of signing up for weekend Masses via our websites, or if you do not have Internet, a call to the parish office. We will continue with the requirements of the Archdiocese as to sanitizing and proper and safe masking and distancing as we open up our public spaces. We must be cautious without being fearful.

Finally, we thank you for your patience, and for your continuing support as programs in the parish and parish school and religious education unfold in the fall. Our beloved parish staff is working hard in all the various ministries we are blessed to share, and we will keep you informed as things start up again.

Thanks you for your continuing financial support in keeping our parishes afloat and for the help in supporting the many ways we show our love for Christ’s poor and His command to work for justice and peace for all.

Please know of my prayers for you as your pastor, and my love.

In Christ Jesus, Fr. Tim

Sunday Mass Schedule:
Old St. Mary
4:30 pm Vigil Mass (beginning April 10)
7:15 am Mass
9:00 am Mass
11:30 am Mass

Our Lady of Divine Providence
3:30 pm Confession at St. Casimir
4:00 pm Vigil Mass at St. Casimir
10:00 am Mass at St. Casimir

SS Peter and Paul
4:00 pm Confession (beginning April 10)
5:00 pm Vigil Mass (beginning April 10)
9:30 am Mass
7:00 pm Mass

Three Holy Women
3:30 pm Confession at Holy Rosary
4:30 pm Vigil Mass at Holy Rosary
8:30 am Mass at St. Hedwig
10:30 am Mass at St. Hedwig

Daily Mass & Weekday Confession Schedule:
Daily Mass (No registration necessary)
Monday–Friday, 7:00 am at Old St. Mary (beginning April 12)
Monday–Friday, 12:05 pm at Old St. Mary

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, 11:30 am at Old St. Mary