Palm Sunday Reflection

Palm Sunday, The Passion of Jesus Christ According to Luke (Luke 22:14 – 23:56)

There is a story told about two nine year old boys (Tim and John) playing outside on a Good Friday morning.  Tim’s mother came out and told him it was time to get ready to go to church. He pleaded with his Mom saying, “We’re having so much fun, could John come to church with us?” His Mom knew that John’s family wasn’t a church going people but said if it was OK with John’s parents, he would be welcome to come with them. John went home and got permission and was soon on his way to church for the first time.

As the Good Friday service proceeded, the Passion was being read. John had never heard this story and was riveted to the events leading up to Jesus’ death. As the story progressed, hearing about the betrayal by Judas, the arrest of Jesus, Peter’s denial, Jesus being mocked and beaten, the release of Barabbas, and the people calling for his crucifixion, John had moved to the edge of his seat frantically looking at all the people around him.

John was visibly upset as he heard about Jesus having to carry his own cross, being nailed to it and then being crucified next to other criminals. The story held his rapt attention as he heard about the whole land going dark, Jesus crying out, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit,” and then dying.

At this point John leapt up and shouted “If the Lone Ranger had been there, they never would have got away with that!”

We can learn a lot from that nine year old. We need to be as passionate about the Passion as he was. We need to listen to that story like we are hearing it for the first time. We need to feel incensed that nobody did anything about this. We need to long for God’s mercy (sending in the Lone Ranger) and realize it is beyond anything we can control!

The problem is that we know the rest of the story and have heard it so frequently that we become complacent. We need to become more aware that Jesus’ passion and death is connected with suffering in the world today, not just a story that happened a long time ago.  We need to learn about how our own personal suffering is entwined with Jesus’. When we see that, we will meet and be able to embrace the mercy of God.

-Reflection by Ralph Stewart – Director of East Side Child and Youth Ministry

  • How can I try and experience the Passion story like I am hearing it for the first time?
  • Where do I see connections of suffering in my life or in the world to Jesus’ passion and death?
  • Who am looking for to save the day in my life? The Lone Ranger? Jesus?
  • Where do I meet God’s mercy in my life?

Lenten Almsgiving 2016

As we near the end of Lent, it’s time to return the alms collected during our Lenten journey. Whether you collected alms for one of the suggested ministry partners (see list below) or for another program that better connected your heart with the works of mercy, we ask that you please return your alms on Holy Thursday. Please make your check out (no cash please!) directly to the ministry partner and place it in the collection basket. The checks will be collected, sorted and delivered to the organizations. If you can’t turn your alms in on Holy Thursday, you can put it in the collection basket at any time during Easter weekend.

Thanks in advance for your generosity, we hope you’ve had a wonderful Lent so far, and we wish you a sacred and beautiful Holy Week.

 If you have any questions on our almsgiving project, please contact Andrew Musgrave at the Three Holy Women Parish Office, or 414-271-6577. Peace and God bless!

Work of Mercy Organization Website
Visit the Sick Milwaukee Catholic Home
Welcome the Stranger Voces de la Frontera
Counsel the Doubtful Women’s Care Center
Forgive Offenses Project Return
Give Drink to the Thirsty Urban Ecology Center
Comfort the Afflicted Dryhootch Coffee Shop (for Veterans)
Visit the Imprisoned Dismas Ministry
Bear Wrongs Patiently Meta House
Instruct the Ignorant Catholic East Elementary
Feed the Hungry Riverwest Food Pantry
Admonish the Sinner Interfaith Conference – Restorative Practices Coalition
Bury the Dead Nazareth Project – Bereavement Ministry
Clothe the Naked House of Peace
Pray for the Living and the Dead Prayer Shawl Ministry (Make check payable to Three Holy Women,
Prayer Shawl ministry in Memo line)