Financial Summary

FY23 Year End Results

Envelope Contributions$683,978$483,300
Offertory Contributions$48,515$92,907
Other Revenues$433,738$163,515
Total Revenues$1,166,231$739,722
Operating Expenses$1,052,416$739,722
Net Surplus / (Deficit)$113,815$0

FY24 Current Results

ActualAnnual Budget% of Budget
Envelope Contributions$585,893$705,00083%
Offertory Contributions$66,653$48,000140%
Other Revenues$395,372$244,470162%
Total Revenues$1,047,918$997,470105%
Operating Expenses$855,388$997,47076%
Net Surplus / (Deficit)$192,530$0
as of April 30, 2024

Please contact Chris D’Amato, Director of Administrative Services, at if you have additional questions regarding parish financial health. Thank you!