On Sunday, April 28 at the 10:30 am Mass at Holy Rosary, the Three Holy Women group, along with the guests from neighboring SPRED groups, will join our parish community to celebrate a SPRED Mass. SPRED is a program in our four-parish family that meets the spiritual needs of people with developmental disabilities and learning difficulties. With this in mind, there will be simple adaptations to the Mass to honor our SPRED friends with disabilities. These ritual actions do not add length to the liturgy, but bring richness to the ritual action. They intensify our awareness of Christ’s presence in the sacrifice of the Mass – in the celebrant, in the Word, in the bread and wine and in the people gathered. The careful pacing, sacred gestures and an attitude of reverence and simplicity of spirit draw all gathered into a deeper sense of the sacredness of the Eucharistic celebration. Our SPRED friends are delighted to be included in the liturgical celebrations.

If you know someone with special needs who may benefit from SPRED, would like to volunteer, to start a SPRED group, or if you simply want to know more about SPRED, please contact Laura Michaelis or Barb Walker at spredpartners3@gmail.com or 640-5474 or visit www.spredmilwaukee.org.