Community Ministry Connection: Meta House and Women’s Care Center

Each month the Human Concerns Committee will highlight the work of a community organization doing outstanding ministry in the city of Milwaukee. Our December 2021 partners are both recipients of this year’s Advent Giving Tree: Meta House and the Women’s Care Center! The Human Concerns Committee is excited for the Family of Four Parishes to support the needs of women and children this Advent season.

Meta House

Meta House ends the generational cycle of addiction by healing women and strengthening families.

Since 1963, Meta House has been ending the generational cycle of addiction by supporting women and strengthening families. Meta House’s comprehensive treatment program features a wide variety of services including Residential treatment, Outpatient treatment and a Recovery Housing Community. In a normal year, over 500 women bravely walk through their doors for a chance at a better future for themselves and their children.

If you’d like to get involved with the Meta House, please take a look at their website ( for some great, off-site, ways to support their work, including creating bagged lunches or activity bags. Due to COVID-19, they do not currently have opportunities for in-person gathering or volunteering. However, that may change post pandemic.

Parishioners of the Family of Four Parishes are invited to pray for the women who are courageously working to overcome their substance use disorders and for the service providers at Meta House who so generously give of their talent to serve our community.

Women’s Care Center

The mission of the Women’s Care Center of Milwaukee is to help pregnant women from our community choose life for their babies, have healthier pregnancies, become better parents and take first steps to self-sufficiency. They believe that by building strong families they build strong communities!

The Women’s Care Center provides free, confidential counseling, support and education for pregnant women. Free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds help determine viability and dates (prenatal medical care and abortions not provided).

Each year, the Women’s Care Center serves 30,000 women from 34 centers in 12 states, including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin.

There are several ways to assist Women’s Care Center of Milwaukee. This includes offering prayer, financial donations, and volunteering. All three opportunities are important and keep our doors open.

The Women’s Care Center is always open to receiving more volunteer help. This includes sorting baby clothes, arranging donations, working in their crib club, helping with outreach and more! For those who are interested in volunteering, please contact Tess Linn at

Of course, your prayers are always welcome! Please pray that the staff, clients, and supporters of the Women’s Care Center will continue to be guided by the Lord’s hand in everything that they do!

To Support these Community Ministry Connection Agencies

You are invited to support these ministries by bringing a gift to place under our Advent Giving Trees through December 19th at Old St. Mary, Our Lady of Divine Providence, and all Three Holy Women churches! Thank you for sharing the joy and generosity of God, so evident in the birth of Jesus, with the women and children at Meta House and the Women’s Care Center of Milwaukee!

Meta House is requesting:

  • Shampoo and Conditioner sets
  • Body wash
  • Women’s underwear (sizes S-M or 5-7)
  • Leggings (sizes M-XL)
  • Deodorant

Women’s Care Center of Milwaukee is requesting:

  • Infant clothing (sizes 0-12 mo.)
  • Diapers (sizes 3 and 4)
  • Baby wipes
  • Diaper bags
  • Safety gates


Meta House:

Women’s Care Center of Milwaukee:

Womens Care Center – The Better Way (Video)