Caregivers Support Group

The Caregivers Support Group is a casual group of parish members who have experienced caregiving through every stage and for many illnesses. The group supports individuals who are caregiving through illness of a spouse, parent or another loved one. You will be able to share your caregiver story if you’d like, or if you’re not ready to talk, you can simply listen to what others have to say. You will soon realize that there are other people going through the same situation. You will receive from this group helpful tips and resources. This group is perfect for individuals who don’t have family and friends nearby for support and are looking for connections. The group offers friendship and fellowship.

The Caregivers Support Group meets once a month in the Old St. Mary Parish Center (835 N Milwaukee St). This group will be treated to a light breakfast. Caregivers need care too! When we allow others to support us, we will find we can do much more in supporting and encouraging those who are in our care. Please consider joining our Caregivers Support Group and let us help!

Please contact Terri Balash, Director of Pastoral Care at 414-469-6173 or If you are a caregiver and this time doesn’t work for you, we can set up a one-on-one meeting.

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