“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

The Church, from its beginning, has always honored with great respect the memory of the dead.  We believe that the ties of friendship and affection which knit us as one throughout our lives do not unravel with death. It’s been our tradition to remember all who have died. Due to the pandemic this year, our parish leadership has decided to prerecord our All Souls Day Remembrance Service. This way we can still come together in prayer and stay safe. During the service, a special candle will be lit as we remember all of our beloved parishioners who have died within our Family of Four Parishes this year.  We remember…View Names of all the Faithful Departed.

The on-going pandemic is driving a wedge into how we say good-bye and mourn.  A Bereavement Booklet has been prepared for you. This booklet has reflections, prayers, and rituals that might help you move forward in the grieving process. A Bereavement Support Group will be offered virtually beginning November 9th, see the booklet for more information. View Bereavement Booklet. 

Please contact Terri Balash at balasht@archmil.org or 414-469-6173 if you have any questions. 

All Souls Day Remembrance Service

You can view the All Souls Day Remembrance Service below or on YouTube at https://youtu.be/ZMwVBqfBMf4.

View All Souls Day Remembrance Service Order of Worship

Online Book of Remembrance

Please click the link below to enter the name of your loved one that you wish to be displayed in the online Book of Remembrance. In order for the names to display correctly, only one name may be entered at a time. Please note there will be a few minute delay from when you enter the name in the form to when it appears in the list on the website. Refresh this page after a few minutes or close it and open it again. If you prefer to submit your loved one’s name to Mary Robertson directly, please email robertsonm@archmil.org or call 414-271-6577 ext.108. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Robertson.

Go to Book of Remembrance Submission Form