A Special Message From Your Parish Priests Fr. John and Fr. Tim

The heinous crimes committed by clergy and other Church personnel and amplified by irresponsible and sinful actions by Church leadership demand swift response and commitment to action.

As your leaders, please know of our broken hearts and our desire to first of all beg forgiveness from anyone who has been hurt. Secondly, to assure all victims of their beloved place in our Church, with the commitment to them that anything we can do to help them, we will do, to make sure that although the past can’t be undone, the present and the future will always be a place of safety, acceptance, goodness.

To you, our beloved parishioners, we promise to coordinate immediate action to face these tumultuous days with the leadership of our lay staff. Specifically, next weekend at all Masses of our Family of Four Parishes, a lay staff member will be speaking on our commitment to listen, heal and go forward as parishes.

As we continue to meet and discuss this as a staff, we welcome input and are available if anyone needs to talk or to vent anger, to cry and always to pray. We love you.