Mass Times

This page gets updated weekly. If you are not seeing the most recent schedules, please refresh the page.

We are entering Phase 1 of our Family of Four Comeback Plan in July. We will begin with a schedule of one Saturday Mass and one Sunday Mass that rotates through our Family of Four Parishes. In person Masses are meant for members of the individual parish at which Mass is celebrated. (For example, if I am a member at Three Holy Women, there will be two opportunities for me to sign up for Mass during July according to our current schedule: July 5 and 18. I should allow members of other parishes to sign up for the remaining 6 July Masses and participate in the YouTube Mass for the weeks that Mass is not being celebrated publicly at THW.)

The YouTube Mass remains our primary Mass within the Family of Four Parishes.

In person Masses for Three Holy Women will be:
July 5 – 8:30 am  at St. Hedwig
July 18 – 4:30 pm at  Holy Rosary

You must read the new Mass guidelines and sign up online to attend a Mass. Please visit the WE’RE REOPENING! page for Mass guidelines and online signup.